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Facebook Advertising

fbThe Facebook Paid Social Campaigns marries compelling creatives with expert analytics to deliver your businesses’ message to the most receptive audience and to accomplish your targets.Maximize advertising budget with effective advertising, targeting the right people for the business and then stimulating them with the right creatives to drive conversion.

  • Campaign Analysis and Proposal
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy
  • Multiple Compelling original Creatives created specifically to achieve client’s goals
  • Audience Analytics – Insights, Look-a-Likes, etc
  • Weekly and monthly campaign report to monitor ad performance
  • Can support up to $1000 per month worth of advertisement spending
  • Reports: Weekly, Setup report, Analysis, Proposal
  • Weekly Campaign launch and Calibration
  • Premium Stock Photos: each image used is a premium licensed stock photo specifically bought and selected for the campaign
  • Four ad sets, eight creatives, multiple creative tests